The Author

Louis Learns to Listen Not! began as a labor of love by telling bedtime stories to my grandchildren.Louis began by traveling to different cities in the United States, Canada and Europe and I would add factual information about each city and developed comprehension questions at the back of the book to reinforce what was said in the book to make it educational as well.

My granddaughters, aged 4 and 7 told me exactly what Louis and Luisa should look like down to the shape of their eyeglasses and the colors of their clothing.They checked every page for the correct colorization and this indeed became a family affair.

Louis is a mischievous little boy who has various humorous adventures in each city. It’s quite funny and educational. I hope children will love it as much as I enjoyed writing it and you can also discuss new adventures with your child’s input.

You will laugh and bond when reading about Louis.